Mommaerts - Neerdaels


Jerome Mommaerts and Philippina Neerdaels

The Flemish (Belgium) tribe of the Mommaerts family in America and in Canada

Hieronymus "Jerome" Mommaerts (1842-1913) and

Elisabeth Philippina "Philippina " Neerdaels (1840-1932)
From the Belgium Bierbeek and Blanden
The married in Blanden in1869

Both passed away in the Belgium Blanden

Elisabeth Philippina Neerdaels

The great grandmother

of of the Mommaerts family

in America and Canada
She still had all her teeth
© Patrick Mommaerts

The 8 children of :
Jerome and Philippina


Josephus (1870-1944)

Vital Philippe (1872-ca. 1930)

Camile Francis (1873-1914)

Maria Josephina (1875-1943)

Rosalia Joanna (1877-1960)

Constant Joseph (1882-1882)

Joseph Leopold 1884-1951)

Paul J. (ca. 1885-)

Note that Philippina's sister, Maria Josepha Neerdaels (1854-1932) married Joannes Franciscus Mommaerts (1845-1915), Jerome's brother, and that they were the first of the Mommaerts family to emigrate to America in 1887. This is another tribe.

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