Puttemans: Pioneers Belgium to America

"Jim Putman" from Green Bay (Brown County, Wisconsin, USA) was the reason to search for the family name "Puttemans" and "Putman" in Belgium and the United States. Jim is descendant of Flemish Belgians named Puttemans !

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© Lode Mommaerts

Believe me, it is not always easy to get all this data from my office chair in Belgium.

Henri Puttemans (1815-1908) came from Belgium to Green Bay in 1856.

The Puttemans family lived 12 miles from my home.

Carolus Puttemans and Clara Vandeuren had at least
3 children: Laurentius (1810-), Henri (1815-1908) and Maria Elisabeth (1819-)

Henri Puttemans had at least:

1 child with Elisabetha Bergiers: Elisabeth (1840-)
1 child with Anna Catherina Michiels: Antonius (1856-)

Antonius Puttemans and Marguerite Ostermann had at least 2 children: Henry Anton (1882-1953) and John (1886-)

Henry Anton Putman and Jane Thomas had at least
7 children : Thomas James (1904-1976), Lester J. (1905-1981), Helen (1907-1943), Harold W. (1908-1991), Rose (1911-), Robert (1915-) and Elanor (1918-)

Lester J. Putman and Lucille had at least
3 children: John (1929-), Sally (1933-) and Judy (1938-)

John Putman and Kathleen had at least
3 children: Jim, Mary and John

Note that Overijse was pronounced and written in old Flemish as Ijssche or Yssche or Ysche.

Putman family

Lester J. (1905-1981) Putman is standing 3rd on the right. His older brother Thomas James (1904-1976) is the 2nd guy standing on the left.

Kathleen Marie Davis 1928-1974 and her son Jim Putman in the park in 1960

Lester and Lucille ar on the right. His brother Thomas is in the middle, brother Harold is on the left. Lester's sister Rosalyn is sitting in the center. (© Jim Putman)

Putman Henry Anton-Thomas Jane M. family

Lester J. (1905-1981) X Lucille Margaret Budzis (1907-1991)

Thomas James (1904-1976)

Harold W. (1908-1991)

Rosalyn (1911-)

Seated on the left?

Jim, Mary en John Putman
at Christmas

John A. Putman 1928-2001 and Kathleen Marie. Davis 1928-1974

© Jim Putman

Puttemans - Michiels

Birth certificate of Henri Puttemans (1815-1908) who immigrated to America in 1856

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Birth certificate of Anne Catherine Michiels (1815-1885)

Putman family

Margaret Ostermann

Anna Catharina Michiels Obituary

Henri Puttemans (1815-1908) Obituary
Died at his daughter's home. I suspect that this Elizabeth Putman was born in Belgium in 1840 and married to Louis Verheyden (1840-1906) who emigrated to America in 1855. A daughter from a previous marriage with Elisabetha Bergiers (1820-1855).

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Family Jacob Ostermann and Elizabeth Mintuich

Antonius Puttemans and Marguerite Ostermann 1881-1940 Marriage certificate Brown County

Those were potato farmers. Jane M. Thomas 1884-1977 (left), Marguerite Ostermann 1861-1940 (right) Helen Putman 1907-1943 (little girl)
Conclusion photo taken before 1940

Jacob Ostermann (1837-1950) married Elisabeth Wentnig (1837-). The are the parents of Marguerite and parents-in-law of Antonius Puttemans (1856) from Overijse. Jacob immigrated from Germany on Jun 29, 1852 to New York and she in 1857.
Apparently he was a known and renowned potato farmer.

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Distance between Henri Puttemans and Lode Mommaerts

 © Lode Mommaerts

On the birth certificate of Antonius Puttemans (1856-) it is stated that his parents live in Overijse in the Zavelenborre.

I myself am from Vrebos at 12 miles from there.

Overijse Zavelenborre today, now next to the very busy highway E411 - Brussels-Namur (entrance on the left).
At the back left of the photo the Chapel Zavelenborre.

Puttemans Antonius 1856-1929 and Ostermann Marguerite 1861-1940

Henry Putmans - Jane M. Davis family

Sixteen Census of the Unites States 10 mei 1940
With the Henry Anton Putman and Jane Thomas family

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Henry Anton Putman 1882-1953 and

Jane M.  Thomas  1884-1977

Other family members

Alyea John. M 1817-1901-Lumley Hannah 1826-1904

Elyea John M. 1817-1901

Hanquet Marie Louise 1850-1926

Monfils Marie Victoire 1798-1857

Vandevelde Dieudonné Joseph 1795-1903-Monfils Marie Victoire 1798-1857

Vandevelde Zacharie 1835-1914-Hanquet Marie Louise 1850-1926

Vandevelde Zacharie 1835-1914

Vandevelde family - Firman Vandevelde (1863-1928) seated 1st from left and next to him father Zacharie (1835-1914)

The others:
Mathilda Angel Clune (1881-1975)
(X Zachary J. (1887-1941)

Louise Marie (1890-1976)
X Geo Walls (1889-)

Julia Mary Ann (1893-1968)
X Samuel Adolf Johnson (1890-1959)

Maria Eva (1895-1964)
X Arthur Davis (1898-1980)

Vandevelde Gilbert 1885-1959-Bredael Elizabeth 1886-1942 Wedding 1911

Eva, Ferman Vandevelde (father), Hortense Cravillion (mother), Julia, Zachary & Louise in back

Vandevelde Felix 1890-1953-Bredael Maria P. 1873-1943 Wedding 1898

© Jim Putman