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The family Mommaerts - Mergaerts

Lodewijk Mommaerts

Europe Belgium 3200 Aarschot Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 7

Tel. : +32 (0)16 56 90 11 - Mobile : +32 (0)487 759 000

E-mail : lode@mommaerts.eu


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Guillaume Joseph Mommaerts

Born on Okt 15, 1911 in Etterbeek, 1040, Brussel, Brussel, België

Deceased on Jun 28, 2004 in Saint-Hubert, Champlain, Canada

Son of Camille Francois and Anne Catherine Smets

Married to Maria Henrica Mergaerts  on Dec 29,  1934

in Veltem-Beisem, Herent, Vlaams-Brabant, België

Born on Jun 15, 1913 in Veltem-Beisem, Herent, Vlaams-Brabant, België

Deceased on Jan 5, 2003 in Longueuil, Champlain, Canada

Daughter of Joseph and Rosalia Dams

They had 4 children :

Rosalia Gabrielle Edmee


Paul Florent Jean

Guy Elie Camille

The family Mommaerts - Mergaerts


Elisabeth Menten : They started our 4 generations, on their wedding day, December 30, 1934. I love you, Mom, and always will. Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.

Catherine Menten : I've only seen this picture once before, when Gran and Grandpa were already in the home, Grandma pulled it out to show Rene. Grandma looks beautiful and Grandpa looks dashing !

Elisabeth Menten : I had to beg, borrow and steal to get it. It's what I always wanted there ob the album. It's going back to Guy, but until I seem him, it's mine to enjoy. My sister and I went to Plattsburgh today, and after went to her place, and there I saw the photo, which I had been sure my sister had, but it was Guy who did, so a few weeks ago he took it to my sister's, but he wants it back. I still miss her so much.....

Catherine Menten : We all miss her but I'll tell you what.... I'll print it for you and send it to you.

Elisabeth Menten : That would be great - how are you going to reproduce the sepia, which is a bit darker in the scanning.

Allison Cordner : So lucky to have these pictures! I would kill to have some family pictures. I don't even have any of my grandparents or mother. How do you style your hair like that? I love the style of the 30's.

Elisabeth Menten : I never knew either of my grandfathers, who died before I was born. My Mom's mom died when I was going on 14.

I adored her. My mother had one tiny, tiny little pix of her, which she gave to my husband to try to enlarge, it it got lost. My paternal grandmother died in her 80s, a few years after we came to Canada. I don't have pictures of her either. Because of my mother's cancer, my parents had to go in a 'home'. con't....

Gary Menten : It's interesting to look at what a photographer's studio looked like in those days, which was not very different from the previous century; formal and stiff. Now that I look at it closely, it's also evident that your mom is actually sitting lightly on the furniture and has her knees and legs slightly bent to make herself a bit shorter, or your dad look slightly taller....

Elisabeth Menten : where did the rest of my reply to Allison go, the one where I spoke of the curling irons?

Gary Menten : I haven't a clue.

Elisabeth Menten : For Allison: the 'cont'd' of the post above disappeared. It said that my parents must have had pictures, because they still had 2 young boys to raise after my sister my sister and I married, in 1955 (she) and 1956 (me). Whatever happened to their photos when they had to move to a home I don't know. As for the hair style, hon, it wouldn't suit your pretty face.... But I remember the curling iron, put, like the clothes iron, to heat on the stove, tested (and burned your ears a bit), and then you got waves. You could even get a perm - pre-Toni days - all tight little curls, and in my 'adulthood' I had the perfect hair for that, fine, very thin., and that took a curl very easyily, A hairdresser in training did her 'perm' exam on me.

Allison Cordner : Hmm wonder where they are...someones attic !

Elisabeth Menten : None of us has an attic. My father was the sort of photo taker who cut the heads or the feet off. Could be my brother who died in 1956 had some, and perhaps the baby, Guy - to the day 8 years older than Gary, has some, or else they were thrown out. But my Mom is in my heart, always.

Correction: brother died in 2006, at the age of 56. Senior moment here. Mom died of cancer in 2003, Dad of cancer in 2004, brother of a massive heart attack in 2006. Only the 'baby' - 56 now, my sister, 74, and me, 73, are left. My sister wants to live to be a hundred, she's nuts. There's more than one Lady Gaga around !

Don't know where my comment disappeared, that there were shoes under the rug to make my dad appear taller. He wasn't THAT short, just shorter than his sister, and he was always jealous of that.

Lydia Bailey Hill : My Dad spent 10 years tracing his family tree - found 500 descendants from our 'Pilgrim' who came to Canada in the early 1800s. When he'd visit relatives, they'd show their albums, and he took photos of their photos. It took awhile to 'perfect' the technique of getting good photos, but it was the best he could do when they wouldn't relenquish them for copying (and he couldn't blame them).

Elisabeth Menten : I have about a gazillion relatives in the US. My father's uncle emigrated to Wisconsin in the 1890s, and had 11 children, all of whom I saw in 1961 in Green Bay when they had their annual family reunion. But from our side, It stops at my father. I only recently learned my grandfather's name. He died when my father was not quite 3, in 1914. I don't know when or where he was born, so can't trace him through records. No photos exist that I know of.