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The De Becker family

Lodewijk Mommaerts

Europe Belgium 3200 Aarschot Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 7

Tel. : +32 (0)16 56 90 11 - Mobile : +32 (0)487 759 000

E-mail : lode@mommaerts.eu

The De Becker family in Belgium

Belgium in the house of Gabriëlle De Becker in Jan,1970

Left to right : Rene De Becker, Maria Van Beneden, Mariette De Becker, Elisabeth Menten, Gabriëlle De Becker, Catherine Alexandra Anne Marie Menten and Julien de Becker (Photo Francois Menten)

Rene De Becker

Maria Van Beneden

Mariette De Becker

Elisabeth Mommaerts

Gabriëlle De Becker

Catherine Menten

Julien De Becker


Elisabeth Menten :


One of my cousins on my mother's side just emailed me this photo taken by my husband in January 1970 during our visit to Belgium. I used to have it but have been unable to find it for years. It was taken at my aunt Gabrielle's house, and it saddens me that only my daughter, myself and the young woman on my right, Gabrielle's daughter-in-law, are still alive. — met Rene De Becker, Aunt Marie Van Beneden, Mariette De Becker, Aunt Gabrielle De Becker, Catherine Menten Clelland en Julien De Becker.

Catherine Menten : Clelland I have this photo.

Elisabeth Menten : I KNEW you had it but I asked you for it several times and you never responded.

Elisabeth Menten : Will you print it for me, Gary? I've been asking Cath for years if she had it, but it must be pretty wrinkled by now. I do believe that you have the negative tho, and I told you that if/when you found it, I would pay to have it digitized.

Elisabeth Menten : But a print from this is just as good - I emailed it to you.

Elisabeth Menten : Clelland Ok thanks xo.

Elisabeth Menten : @Cath-Huh?

Catherine Menten : Clelland Mine is cracked through the centre.

Elisabeth Menten : I figured that much.

Elisabeth Menten : Cath, I emailed it to Gary - I can email it to you too.