Puttemans: Pioneers Belgium to America

"Jim Putman" from Green Bay (Brown County, Wisconsin, USA) was the reason to search for the family name "Puttemans" and "Putman" in Belgium and the United States. Jim is descendant of Flemish Belgians named Puttemans !

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Jacob Ostermann and Elisabeth Ostermann cam from Cochem, at the Moezel, south of Bonn, Germany

Jacob Ostermann and Clara Elisabeth Mintuich had at least 10 children: Marguerite (1861-1940), Maria Eva (1864-1950), Jacob (1867-), Mathilda (1868-), M. Elisabeth (1868-), jacob (1870-), Barbara (1872-), Elisabeth (1874-), Clara Barbara (1878-) and Anna

Antonius Puttemans and Marguerite Ostermann had at least 9 children: Henry Anton (1882-1953), Anna K. (1883-1887), Tille, Jacob, John (1886-1919), Mathilda Anna (1887-1979), John (1889-) Mary 1895-1975) and Mamie (1896-)

Henry Anton Putman and Jane M. Thomas had at least 7 children : Thomas James (1904-1976), Lester J. (1905-1981), Helen (1907-1943), Harold W. (1908-1991), Rose (1911-), Robert (1915-) and Elanor (1918-)

Lester J. Putman and Lucille Margaret Budzis had at least 3 children: John (1929-), Sally (1933-) and Judy (1938-)

John Putman and Kathleen Davis had at least
3 children: Jim, Mary and John

Jacob Ostermann came from Germany to Green Bay in 1852.
Elisabeth Mintuich in 1857 who later became his wife.

Family Jacob Ostermann and Elizabeth Mintuich

Antonius Puttemans and Marguerite Ostermann 1881-1940 Marriage certificate Brown County

Those were potato farmers. Jane M. Thomas 1884-1977 (left), Marguerite Ostermann 1861-1940 (right) Helen Putman 1907-1943 (little girl)
Conclusion photo taken before 1940

Jacob Ostermann (1837-1950) married Elisabeth Wentnig (1837-). The are the parents of Marguerite and parents-in-law of Antonius Puttemans (1856) from Overijse. Jacob immigrated from Germany on Jun 29, 1852 to New York and she in 1857.
Apparently he was a known and renowned potato farmer.

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Antonius Puttemans 1856-1929 and Marguerite Ostermann 1861-1940