Mommaerts : Pioneers Belgium to America

Mommaerts, Joannes Franciscus "Frank"

Mommaerts, Joseph Leopold "Paul"

Mommaerts, Josephus (Pioneer) "Jerome"

Mommaerts, Victor Philippe "Victor Philep"

Mommaerts, Wilfried Francis Henry Maria "Prof. Dr."

Mommaerts, Josephus "Jerome"

Blanden (BEL) Mei 18, 1870

Green Bay (USA) Aug 13, 1944

Arrival by ship “Noordland" Jun 18, 1891

Arrival by ship “Pennland" Apr 12, 1893

Naturalization Illinois Sep 20, 1920

Married Browntown Sep 12, 1894

Maria Rosalia Baeb

Bierbeek (BEL) May 31n 1874

Milwaukee (USA) Jul 24, 1949

Immigration about 1887

Jules Francis, Edwin Herman, Walter Abraham, Albert, Clarence Victor, Lorraine Marie, Lucille Loraine, Jerom Peter Hiram, Daniel John, Edna J., Edmere J. and Geraldine Agnes. (All born in the USA)

Joannes Franciscus “Frank”

Bierbeek (BEL) Jan 29, 1845

Green Bay (USA) Apr, 1915

Married Blanden Jul 28, 1875

Maria Josepha Neerdaels

Blanden (BEL) Feb 26, 1854

Green Bay (USA) Okt 12, 1932

They came to the U.S. in March 1887 with six children and Maria-Josephina's widowed mother, Joanna Vanderveren-Neerdaels.

Hieronimus, Victor Philippe, Francis, Joseph, Maria Adelia and Joseph Leopold. (born in Belgium) and Philip, John William, Josephine Bertha and Rosa. (born in the USA)

Mommaerts, Joseph Leopold "Paul" (son of Mommaerts-Neerdaels)

Blanden (BEL) Nov 14, 1884

Green Bay (USA) Dec 19,1951

Daschner Amelia

Mar 29, 1986

Green Bay (USA) Dec 22, 1947

Mommaerts, Victor Philippe "Victor Philep" (son of Mommaerts-Neerdaels)

Blanden (BEL) Dec 20n 1877

Green Bay (USA) Oct 19, 1953

Married Green Bay May 18, 1898

Krause Mary M.

Green Bay (USA) Dec 6, 1878

Green Bay (USA) Nov 4, 1955

Mommaerts, Wilfried Francis Henry Maria "Prof. Dr."

Broechem (BEL) Mar 4, 1917

Los Angeles (USA) Feb 7, 1994

Married Budapest (Hungaria)

Bátyka Elisabeth B.

Budapest (Hungaria) Feb 21 1918

Los Angeles (USA) Feb 21, 1974

Mommaerts, Wilfried Francis Henry Maria came to the United States, 1948, naturalized, 1956.

Josephus Mommaerts

© Lode Mommaerts

The "Noordland" from the Red Star Line

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