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Kenneth Mommaerts and Joletta Kaster

Kenneth Francis Mommaerts

Born at Green Bay, Wisconsin, America on Aug 21, 1929

Decased at Bella Vista, Arkansas, America on Feb 7, 2009

Son of Jules Francis (1896-1971) and Mary Louise Brown (1903-1989)

Married to

Joletta Mary Kaster

Born at Cudahy, Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin, America on Dec 12, 1937

Decased at Columbus, Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin, , America on Jun 13, 2013

Daughter of Carl Kaster (1899-1976) and Marie Tielens (1899-1986)

The had 4 children:

Timothy Stanford Michael Stephen Patrick Francis (1958)

Paul Gregory (1959-2006)

Kelly Jo (1963)

Mary Margaret (1964)

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Jules Kenneth Mommaerts

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Jules Kenneth Mommaerts

Born at Evanston, Cook County, Illinois, America on Sep 18, 1991

Son of Kelly Jo Mommaerts born at Green Bay, Wisconsin, America on Jun 10, 1963

Kelly Jo is the daughter of Kenneth Francis and Joletta Kaster


is the only (male) grandson of Jules Francis Mommaerts en Mary Louise Brown who can still give the family name Mommaerts to his descendants. All others are women. never know !

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Kelly Jo

Carl Kaster

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Carl Kaster (1899-1976) has German ancestors.

Peter Castor (1650-1729) and his wife Margareta Soeren (1652-1696) were born and died in Mörsdorf in Germany.

They were the ancestors of Joletta Mary Kaster.

In 1702 and 1726 Peter Castor was in Germany reported as magistrate.

Jacob F. (1870-1957) was born in De Pere (America) as "Kaster" while his father Peter Joseph (1825-1884) was born as "Castor" in Germany ans immigrated in 1852 tot Wisconsin.

By the immigration, it often happened that the American border personnel did not understand the language (of the name) and wrote something else.

Carl Caster

Marie Tielens

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Kenneth Francis Mommaerts has Flemish (Belgian) ancestors in Bierbeek.

But Marie Tielens also has Flemish (Belgian) ancestors.

Guilielmus Tielens (1832-1902) and his wife Joanna Maria Soquet (1833-1911) were born in Sint-Joris-Weert in Belgium and immigrated in 1855 aboard the ships "Emerald Isle" and "Yorkshire" to Brown County in Wisconsin. Landing at New York on 18 September 1855. (Sint-Joris-Weert is 12 miles of my home).

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