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Josephus Mommaerts and Maria Rosalia Baeb

Josephus Mommaerts

Named : Joe

Born in Blanden, Belgium on May 18, 1870

Deceased at Green-Bay, Wisconsin, Amerika on Aug 13, 1944

Son of Hieronymus (1842-1913) and from Elisabeth Philippina Neerdaels (1840-1932)

Married in Browntown, Wisconsin, USA on Sep 12, 1894 to

Maria Rosalia Baeb

Born in Bierbeek, Belgium on May 13, 1874

Deceased at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Amerika on 24 juli 1949

daughter of Joannes Josephus (1847-1891) and from Maria Willems (1843-1933)

They had 12 children:

Jules Francis (1896-1971)

Edwin Herman (1898-1981)

Walter Abraham (1900-1981)

Albert (1901-1983)

Clarence Victor (1903-1974)

Lorraine Marie (1904-1907)

Lucille Lorraine (1907-1988)

Jerome Peter Hiram (1911-1982)

Daniel (1913-1973)

Edna J. (1916-2011)

Edmere J. (1916)

Geraldine Agnes (1920-1986)

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Familie Mommaerts - Baeb

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Jules Francis

Immigration card of Joseph Mommaerts

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Date of naturalization: Sep 20, 1920

Address: 2115 Western Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Immigration card of Joseph Mommaerts

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The Belgian families Mommaerts, Debot and Baeb on the passenger list of the steamship SS Nederland in Mar, 1887.

Note that the three families were closely related.

Also note that the latest legal settlement is totally wrong.

Only the latest legal settlement of Jean Fr. Mommaerts is almost correct: Blandeman must be Blanden.

SS Nederland  : in use since 1873      2,839 gross tonnage   Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd.

Population Shedule Census of the United States Apr 16, 1940

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Western Avenue 1301

Western Avenue 1301 today.

Apr 16,1940 only Joseph, Mary, Daniel and Gerladine remain.