Marguerite Heynen daughter of M. J. Heynen

Marguerite R. Heynen

Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA on Apr 28, 1902

Deceasedin Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA on Jun 21, 1968

Daughter of Michel Henri Joseph (1869-1957) and of Henrietta Servais (1876-1949)

Granddaughter of Martin (1840-1921) and Alphonsine Joséphine Collart (1845-1918)

Great-granddaughter of Michel (1809-1865) and  Eugénie HALLOY (1806-1862)

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Joseph Michael Heynen and Henriette Servais

Martin Heynen and
Alphonsine Collart

Ignace Heynen, was born in Bertherat, District of Prüm / Saarland/ Land of Trier now Belgian territory in Bertherat, 4760, Manderfeld, Liège and passed away on Dec 5, 1797. He was married Elisabeth Bach passed away in Crombach on
Mar 20, 1811.

There son Michel (1789-1841) married Anne Catherine Bourgeois (1786-1855).

Ther son Jean Michel Arnold (1809-1865) was the father of Martin Heynen (1840-1985). He married Eugénie Hallot (1906-1862) from Wavre in Belgium.

Berterath is a district of the municipality Büllingen in the German-speaking Community (DG) in the far east of Belgium. Berterath has 30 inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of Manderfeld; it is located around 3 kilometers northeast of the village of Manderfeld, 12 kilometers southeast of the main town of Büllingen and 20 kilometers north of Prüm.


Mrs. Marguerite Heynen

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The card was written in 1912 by Mrs. Marguerite Heynen from Green Bay to her grandfather Martin Heynen in Wavre (Belgium). Gabrielle, Henriette and Catherine were her sisters.

I started searching the internet for the scribe and her grandfather and then for her whole family.

Mr Martin Heynen was born in 1840 in Wavre in Belgium. Later he became a butcher like his father.
He became director of Belgium's largest slaughterhouse in Anderlecht.

The son of Martin, and father of Marguerite, Michel Heynen was born in 1869 in Wavre in Belgium.

Later he became a butcher like his father and grandfather.

He came agent of the Company of Navigation la "Red Star Line". A company that operated large passenger boats that brought immigrants from Antwerp in Belgium to the United States in America and back.

Mr Martin Heynen emigrated to the United States in 1895. In 1897 he made a return journey to marry Henriatta Servais in Belgium after which he returned with her to the USA.

Heynens Green Bay Orchestra

Green Bay to Belgium

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This postcard caught my eye because it was sent from Wisconsin to Belgium and that's why I bought it on the internet.


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M. J. Heynen, well known in the musical circles of Green Bay as promoter and leader of an orchestra band and now serving as city treasurer, has come to be recognized as one of the valued and representative citizens of Brown county. He was born at Wavre, Belgium, December 22, 1869, and is a son of Martin and Adolphine (Collart) Heynen. The father was engaged in the wholesale meat business in Belgium, where he and his wife spent their entire lives. The son pursued his education in the Normal school at Namur, Belgium, and is also a graduate of the Brussels Conservatory of Music, cultivating a native talent for that art which has made him a valued factor in musical circles wherever he has lived. After completing his conservatory course he engaged in the conduct of a music house until 1897, when he left his native land and came to the United States, making his way direct to Green Bay. Here he has since been identified with musical interests of the city and established Heynen's band and orchestra which he still conducts. He holds to high standards in this organization and it has become one of the leading musical organizations of this part of the state. Mr. Heynen also takes an active and helpful interest in political affairs and was elected city treasurer, entering upon the duties of that office on the ist of May, 1912, for a two years' term.

In January, 1897, Mr. Heynen was united in marriage to Miss Harriet Servais, a daughter of Emil and Theresa Servais, of Belguim, who lived near Wavre. Mr. Heynen brought his bride to the United States and during the period of their residence here their home has been blessed with seven children, namely: Eugenie, Martina, Margaret, Emil, Gabriel, Harriet and Catherine.

Mr. Heynen holds membership with the Knights of Columbus of Green Bay and with the Elks lodge, No. 259. While a resident of Belgium he served for six years as a musician in the Queen's regiment band. His interest in music has always been deep and abiding and his broad study has brought him into close contact with the masters of the art. He believes in the interpretation of the best music that the populace may become familiar with the work of the leading composers and his orchestra and band have proven educative factors along musical lines. As a public official he is making a creditable record, carefully discharging the duties of his position, the work of which he has thoroughly systematized.