Baeb : Pioneers Belgium to America

Rosalie Baeb (1874-1949)

Baeb, Engelbertus Albert "Albert"

Baeb, Hermanus Franciscus "Frank"

Baeb, Joannes Josephus "John"

Baeb, Josephine Clementina

Baeb, Maria Rosalia

Baeb, Maria Virginia "Jennie

Baeb, Petrus Felix "Felix"

Baeb, Joannes Josephus

Bierbeek (BEL) Mrt 29, 1847

Green Bay (USA) Aug 29, 1891

Married in 1894 in Browntown, Green County, Wisconsin (USA)

Maria Virginia Willems

Bierbeek (BEL) Jul 2, 1843

Green Bay (USA) Jan 7, 1933

Immigration Mar, 1887

They came to the U.S. with the steamer the  "Nederland" from the "Red Star Line" in March 1887 with six children.

The family Mommaerts and De Both (Debot) both of Bierbeek in Belgium where on the same ship.

They had 10 children

Maria Rosalia (1874-1949), Maria Virginia (1875-1957), Petrus Felix (1876-1914), Petrus (1878-1878*), Elisabeth Christina (1879-1880*), Hermanus Franciscus (1879-1965), Engelbertus Albert (1882-1980), Julius Theodores (1885-1886*), Josephine Cementina (1886-1963) (All born in Bierbeek (BEL) and immigration in Mar, 1887 to the USA) and Julius Baeb (1890-1895) (Born and deceased in Fort Howard, Wisonsin, USA).

(*) Died young in Belgium

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The furthest family we find was born and died in Bierbeek in Belgium. It concerns Joannes Baeb born about 1670 and Catharina De Brier born about 1672. We know with certainty that their son Raphaelis (1695-1747) married in 1721 Anna Christens (1700-1744), both born and deceased in Bierbeek.          

The "Nederland" from the Red Star Line

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The steamship NEDERLAND was built for the International Navigation Company of Philadelphia (better known from its houseflag as the Red Star Line) by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co, Jarrow-on-Tyne, and was launched on 23 June 1873. 2,839 tons; 100,33 x 11,76 meters/329.2 x 38.6 ft (length x breadth); straight stem, 1 funnel, 2 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, compound engines, service speed 13 knots; accommodation for 70 s in 1st class and 800 in steerage.

The NEDERLAND was registered to the Red Star Line's Belgian subsidiary, the Sociètè Anonyme de Navigation Belge-Amerèricaine.

November 1873, maiden voyage, Antwerp-Philadelphia.

31 May 1877, first voyage, Antwerp-New York.

1877-1896, Antwerp-New York or Philadelphia. Approximately 1895, accommodation altered to steerage only.

26 November 1896, last voyage Antwerp-New York; subsequently Antwerp-Philadelphia, except for 11 April 1905, last voyage, Antwerp-New York.

May 1906, scrapped in Italy.

The "Nederland" from the Red Star Line

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The 'last legal settlement' "Vrasene" has nothing to do with it and is just a village not far from the port of Antwerp where they probably stayed.

Bierbeek in Belgium

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